What would it feel like to release up to 19 pounds in 7 weeks? This is the ultimate Guided Meditation Weight Loss Package to help you do just that.The idea is to take the next 7 weeks and totally commit to working with these THREE CDs to overcome everything that has you holding on to unwanted pounds. If you wish to stop binge eating it's here. If you wish to make better food choices over the next few weeks it's here. If you wish to overcome the unwanted cravings, it's here. And if you wish to add Juicing as well as other Weight Loss Tips from recipes to the type of beauty products that are best to help you reach your weight loss goals, it is ALL HERE FOR YOU!


We know that GUIDED MEDITATION FOR WEIGHT LOSS may be new to many and we really want to prove to you how powerful and effective it is. So this is our way of showing you the unlimited possibilities that this practice holds for those who have struggled for years to get the weight off as well as those who just want to lose weight quickly and safety. It works and with this Weight Loss Bundle you will see.


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This package comes with access to the monthly MONDAY MORNING INTERNATIONAL LIVE CALL "MEDITATE MY WEIGHT" where you will experience live weight loss support, in-studio guests and lectures on Meditation & The Law of Attraction for weight loss & much more. Let's work on this goal together. You keep track and get on the Monday calls. Seven Weeks, without pills, shakes, shots, body suits and spending hundreds and thousands of dollars to RELEASE THE WEIGHT & CREATE A BRAND NEW YOU.



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The "7/19" TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGE (Offer Is Only For A Limited Time)