The Subconscious Success Audio Programming Selections for Weight Loss & Body Transformation on this CD, are designed to help you release the weight you desire. Each audio selection contains powerful messages and affirmations that will help you mentally shift to create the body and the new mindset you must have, for LASTING weight loss. As you listen daily to "THE VOICE" (even while you sleep) these powerful guided meditations will help you change your eating habits, release unwanted cravings for the bad stuff and empower you to reach for good healthy foods!


One AUDIO TRACK on this CD that receives a lot of attention is, "THINNER." You can listen to a sample below (the home page of our website) and see why. If your goal is to BE THINNER, then this very powerful and effective meditation IS FOR YOU! We received an email recently that said this; “I just believed every word he said! I especially enjoy the way he says; 'MY WAIST LINE IS GETTING SMALLER,' and each time I whisper YES, and in less than a month I could clearly see I was becoming THINNER!" 


As you begin to listen, you too will immediately notice a change in how you feel. You will become more aware of the food choices you are presented with each day and you will happily choose better for your body. You will feel lighter, happier and more loving toward yourself and you will notice the pounds coming OFF. You will RELEASE THE WEIGHT!


*Listen to a sample on our Home Page!


Front & back CD covers included in download.

RELEASE THE WEIGHT (Choose Better Foods Daily, Transform Your Body Now)