The Walking Rejuvenation S.S.A.P. CD, is a unique offering of ours because it is designed not only for meditation but for WALKING & MEDITATION. This is the “WALKING MEDITATION CD.” “WALK IT AWAY” is an actual guided meditation exercise on this CD! You'll want to put on your walking shoes and listen as you are guided in three phases of walking; stroll, brisk & race walk. A great way to get in shape.


If you are working on body sculpting, core, conditioning and creating more definition then the guided meditation "REALIZING MY NEW DEFINED DREAM BODY," will change your life! This takes you on a powerful journey of visualization allowing YOU TO SEE YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE as a firm, lean, fit person. For many who are actively working toward this goal, this powerful meditation will be a very effective supplement to help you stay focus, in shifting your mindset to become what you desire and...YOU WILL RELEASE THE WEIGHT! There's nothing like this anywhere!

For the record THIS CD is a great companion to "EAT ONLY WHEN HUNGRY." If you are truly ready to deal with it all and release the weight, getting both would be a great choice.




(You may listen to a sample HERE on this page)


WALKING REJUVENATION (For Walking, Losing Weight & Core Conditioning)